Welcome to the new Volando: VOGL

Our refreshed and refined services offering!

Timing is everything and undoubtedly things are looking tough out there, but this project began long before the virus and whilst it’s been hard to decide when to announce something new … the truth is we have to live in the present, and feel it is really important to communicate and not stand still.

So, what if this turns out to be the unintended reboot our economies desperately needed to drive us toward new, more innovative, and more collaborative behaviours? At VOGL, we think it will and we now see the accelerated adoption of digital technologies in all its shapes and sizes as the change and the opportunity to enrich our lives, improve our businesses and protect our planet.

What we have changed at Volando is our LENS…

We are wholly focused on providing Services that will commercially transform and accelerate businesses, and Solutions that simplify and resolve Data tech challenges and inject specialist knowledge into eCommerce strategies.

Our team is comprised of savvy and experienced industry experts – which is polite for ‘we’ve been around the block…a few times’ and our culture is one of openness, hard work, and execution.

Over the coming weeks we will announce new partners and ventures as we build out the capabilities and begin to develop our own ecosystem for business ideas and growth.

A few words from our VOGLERS:

Abeed Janmohamed

“Working with disruptive technology businesses and start-ups, supporting founders and seeing their relative success has been hugely rewarding; the second coming of Volando as VOGL, a renewed focus on driving transformation at every stage of a business lifecycle combined with our data and marketplace products is an exciting prospect and hugely energising. 

Our focus on execution means we stay true to our core whilst enhancing our service through our diverse skillset and extensive expert partner network. This will enable us to bring the optimal team for our clients whatever their sector and wherever they need support. 

Really exciting times ahead and I’m looking forward to the future of VOGL, working with an ambitious set of clients, directors and partners to build real value….”

Rupert Staines

“We have 20 years of digital and business building expertise. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with some great people over the last 3 decades and I feel energised at the prospect of sharing our experience and knowledge with the next generation of business creators.

People build businesses, and at VOGL we are working with amazing networks of founders, funders, and creators. The opportunities to innovate are abundant.”

Dan Brown

“I joined Volando 3 years ago with the ambition to broaden my knowledge across a variety of business sectors. It’s been fascinating working with a diverse group of great clients, from identifying and pitching to funds in Asia, expanding to new markets in AdTech, to launching a commercial platform in the life sciences sector.

I am particularly excited about our renewed focus and developing our new products. We have forged some fantastic partnerships that will add significant value to our client base, and we look forward to talking more about this in the next few weeks.”

Steve McCartney

“Life is changing. There was already a seismic shift under way in how we treat personal information and privacy leading to a need for better control of your first party data. In addition, we are also experiencing a radical change to how we are living our lives that is likely to persist even after the COVID-crisis is solved.

At VOGL I am fortunate to be working on solutions that tackle aspects of these two problems – VOGL Data, a privacy focused CDP for SMEs, and VOGL Marketplaces, an Amazon seller solution with the excellent team here. “